8 Mushroom Cacao Mix


All the magic of our 8 mushroom mix with the addition of our warm delectable cacao mix.

The 8 mush ‘all-in-one’ mix is a comprehensive mix great for those that want a little bit of everything from the most powerful mushrooms like lion’s mane, reishi, cordyceps, chaga + 4 MORE! It also has our signature cacao mix of organic fair-trade cacao & organic ceylon cinnamon (unsweetened because that should be up to you!)

Whatever you’re seeking mushrooms for, this all around mix has it:

✅ Immune boost

✅ Cognitive enhancement

✅ Increased energy & stamina

✅ Anti-oxidative rich fuel

✅ Mush more!

Perfect in addition to, or in replacement of coffee. It also adds easily to smoothies, baked goods, or hot water by itself!

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