About Us & Our Story

Malama Mushrooms is a family-owned, superfood mushroom company based in Kona, Hawaii. Our mission is to share the health & wellness benefits of superfood mushrooms with the world.

The (short) Story

Malama first fruited in 2015 as a small farm in Kona, Hawaii when Ben produced his first Hawaiian-grown mushrooms whilst living on a farm in a mango-tree house. He started by utilizing a underground lava-formed cave to cultivate the first mushrooms of the business and fast forward to today, he has wrangled in his family & friends to help his mushroom mission of creating & sharing fung-tional superfood mushroom products that integrate easily into your daily routine and to support your overall health & wellness.

The (longer) Story

Benjamin began as an agriculturist & environmental scientist seeking to make a positive impact on the world & the people that occupy it. His mission became very specific to mushrooms once he got an introduction to mycology, the study of fungi. Did you know fungi can break down plastics & other harmful pollutants to remediate polluted water & soil? Or that some of the world’s most important medicines, from both traditional cultures and western pharmacology are fungi derived? Ben didn’t know that…but when he found out, he was absolutely amazed and was inspired to devote his life to learning more.