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Malama Mushrooms is a family-owned, superfood mushroom company based in Kona, Hawaii. Our mission is to share the health & wellness benefits of superfood mushrooms with the world. Our 8-in-1 allstar mushroom mix is perfect for those looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one product. Perfect in tea, coffee, smoothies, or even baked-goods & recipes.

In a nutshell, mushrooms are a superfood because of their high vitamin B-6 content, high potassium content, and high niacin (vitamin B-3) content. Mushrooms also have a large amount of Vitamin D, amino acids, and polysaccharides.

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Malama Mushrooms provide a lot of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and are now considered to be superfoods. Mushrooms are a lot better for your health than your standard meat-based meal. So, if you’re looking for a healthier lunch, have mushrooms on a sandwich instead! Add mushrooms to your diet now. Mālama Mushrooms offer a wide range of superfoods and mushrooms, from chocolate mushrooms to powders in Kona, Hawaii. Shop now

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Look, you don’t need to take anything besides food & water to get through life. Eat decent, get some sleep, exercise a bit, try not to stress or smoke too much. Etc. But, what if you’re interested in diving deeper into your human potential? If you want to optimize your abilities at work, crush your goals, and not just survive but Thrive it will be in your best interest to have a few scientifically-backed mushroom “Power-Ups” in your daily routine.

A key ingredient of medicinal mushrooms is polysaccharides that create an immune enhancing and regulating response in the body. The main reason this happens because they are rich in β-glucans (has been shown to protect against infection by bacteria, viruses, and pathogenic microorganisms)  and low in α-glucans (boasts protection from digestive environments, such as the small intestine, efficient encapsulation, and preservation rates).

Numerous scientific studies in the last few decades indicate an impressive list of health giving properties provided by medicinal mushrooms. The benefits range from anxiety and stress relief, immune support, improved brain and nervous system function, to combating cancer and other serious illnesses. With thousands of species, each medicinal mushroom brings its own unique benefits, not to mention a distinct personality to the table. So where do you start, and how do you know which mushroom extract is for you? Read on for a break-down of the top medicinal mushrooms and their unique health benefit profiles to find your mushroom love match

Mushrooms have been used for centuries in traditional medicine due to their many healing properties. Modern-day research is backing these benefits, finding compounds in the mushrooms that do everything from fighting cancer to reducing inflammation. One of the most common and convenient ways to consume medicinal mushrooms is in powder form. Here we will delve into the ways mushroom powders can boost the immune system and improve overall health.

Health Benefits Of Our  Mushroom Powder | Malama Mushrooms

Our extracts offer a variety of health benefits, including enhanced immunity, increased energy, mental clarity, and stress reduction, each tailored to individual wellness needs. Also our extracts can be easily added to water, smoothies, or food. With a neutral taste and smell, they seamlessly integrate into your daily diet. Moreover our mushroom extract powder are natural and generally safe for consumption. However, it’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional if you have specific health concerns or conditions. Yes, our extracts are designed to be versatile and can be combined to enhance and complement the individual benefits they offer. While some individuals may notice benefits shortly after starting, we recommend consistent use for at least a few weeks to experience the full effects.

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Reishi  Mushroom Powder

Known in Chinese as Lingzhi or the ‘Mushroom of Immortality’ the Reishi mushroom powder has over 2,000 years of known medical use. Studies have found the Reishi mushroom extract to have anticancer properties, to help with asthma, immune support, anxiety and stress relief. If Reishi mushrooms could talk, they might say something like, “Hey friend, relaaaaaaax. Everythingis going to be all right.

Lion’s Mane Malama Mushrooms

Like the Lion is the King of the Jungle, this mushroom extract powder is finding similar status in the world of health and human optimization! Scientific studies have found it to have incredible health giving properties for some of your body’s most important work horses – your brain and nervous system. Lion’s Mane medicinal is your mushroom. Harness your full brain power and maintain a healthy nervous system with this mushroom of the mind.

Chaga Malama Mushrooms

Nicknamed the “King of Mushrooms”, Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)has been used medicinally for centuries in Siberia and Asia, commonly brewed into an tea. Chaga mushroom extract is most widely used for immune support, skin health, and as an antioxidant. Chaga mushroom powder is your mushroom if your body is your temple. Put Chaga in, and radiate from the inside out.

Cordyceps Mushroooms

Rumored to be used as an aphrodisiac by Chinese emperors, the Cordyceps mushroom extract is no joke. What can you expect from a fungus that grows in the wild by taking over the body of a caterpillar, Even if you aren’t an athlete…or Yak,  who wouldn’t want to have an extra gear to kick into for increased physical stamina, energy, and performance – Cordyceps is your mushroom.